Created and curated by Director of New Works

Charlie Lee Johnson


This developmental program serves playwrights working on early drafts. OOTB casts a group of actors for a read-through with the writers. Afterwards, we discuss the script and the writers have a week to apply the edits of their choosing. Then, the same group of actors assemble to read through the edited piece followed by another discussion.

THE EDIT provides writers a chance to hear their material on actors with the benefit of a hard deadline.



This new series features three new pieces that are being considered for full production in the 2020 (and beyond) seasons.

With a renewed commitment to World, American, and New York Premieres, this series is designed to give OOTB subscribers and patrons unprecedented access to the programming process, the opportunity to provide feedback to an in progress new play and get a sneak peek into what is ahead, not only from OOTB, but from some of America's most exciting new playwrights.

We are excited to announce the first piece in our 2019 BUILDING THE BOX series:


'Private Property'
By Dasen Pearce
Director Gregg Wiggans

"A pair of mid-career Canadian artists visit an older, wealthy couple they met by chance at a holiday party. The foursome convenes in a house in the woods upstate New York where everyone’s inner opportunist comes out to stake their claim. Private Property examines interpersonal exploitation, wealth and the quest for legacy in Trump’s America."

Thursday, April 25th, 7pm.
Alchemical Studios - The Lab

(104 West 14th Street, 3rd floor )

Single Tickets $12.50 - Click the link below for tickets!


STAY TUNED FOR the rest of our 2019 PROGRAMMING

Our various programming supports play development in all stages of process- from first draft to in front of an audience. Of course, the ultimate development of any piece is getting it onstage. I’m thrilled to say that this season- for the first time- one of our Mainstage shows is a play that has come through our New Works programming.

My goal is for that to happen more and more.