Songs For A New World



Since its 2015 inception, Out of the Box Theatrics (OOTB) has been committed to hiring a diverse company of actors, regardless of gender, race, creed, ethnicity, or disability. We are dedicated to producing new and classic works while challenging audiences to experience work outside of their expectations with a fresh perspective in site-specific locations. We welcome and embrace the differences that enrich our community as well as our craft as we work to build a diverse audience, personnel, and repertoire. We encourage our artists as well as our patrons to view theatre from a new angle (“outside the box”). We challenge the traditional theatre landscape to in order to better match the demographics of our city (New York) and our country. In addition to celebrating the unique realities of our artists, OOTB strives to extend that inclusivity to our audiences. Providing accessible and individualized experiences to many different ages, ethnicities, disabilities, gender and sexual identifications of all kinds. By offering performances that speak to both experiences they are confronted with as well as perspective beyond their own backyard, OOTB serves enthusiastic patrons of culture and art and underserved communities equally.

Now in our second season, we are thrilled to jump OUT OF THE BOX and into tea shops, hat shops, consignment stores, libraries, and more! 





Out of the Box Theatrics was founded in 2015 by Elizabeth Flemming.

Flemming, a Westminster School of Music graduate, came to NYC with big dreams in 2009. She quickly learned the professional theater community had a certain “type” in mind for her, placing her in a specific box.

She found many colleagues facing the same difficulties and boxes. Others faced additional challenges such as constant oversight for roles based on a traditional vision of  character or worse, denial of work based on physical “limitations” (i.e. disability/ethnicity/gender discrimination).

Spending three years on the road as a visually impaired actor the idea of starting a theater company called to Liz, but not a clear mission. She returned to NYC and to auditioning in 2015 and was still being told what personal qualities disqualified her from the project at hand. Being visually impaired and a semi-confusing type tore at her heart strings. Determined to celebrate all the unique qualities that gives actors character in this business Liz created Out of the Box Theatrics Inc!