Out of the Box is committed to building unique theatrical experiences for audiences by a season of plays, all built around a venue that isn't typically home to theatre magic. Our first season, we are thrilled to jump OUT OF THE BOX and into Alice's Tea Cup.

220 E. 81st ST
New York, NY 10028



                   ELIZABETH FLEMING

                   ELIZABETH FLEMING

Out of the Box Theatrics was founded by me, Elizabeth Fleming. I am a Westminster School of Music graduate who came to New York City with big dreams and goals 6 year ago! I quickly learned that the professional theater community had a certain “type” in mind for me, so I quickly learned as much as I could about the box I was being placed in.
After finding that box, I found that many of my colleagues were facing the same difficulties, and were being placed in boxes of their own.  Others were also constantly being over looked for roles based on a traditional vision of the character, or being denied work based on physical “limitations” (i.e. disability/ethnicity/gender discrimination).
After a solid three years on the road as a visually impaired actor, the idea of starting a theater company of my own was calling to me, but I wasn’t clear on my mission until last year. After returning to New York and auditioning and callback-ing my way through the cattle calls, I was still being told “you aren’t right for this”, “you aren’t blonde”, “you aren’t ethnic enough”, or “you are too ethnic”, "you need to pick up the combo faster." Being a visually impaired/a semi confusing type started tearing at my heart strings. There must be away for us to "celebrate all the unique qualities that give me character in this business." My thought was simply this: "If someone won't do it, I will" and through these life lessons, OUT OF THE BOX THEATRICS INC was born!